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Cathy Lam

Cathy Lam.

Cathy Lam is currently a student in the Dietetic Internship with Master's of Science in Nutrition program at the University at Buffalo School of Public Health and Health Professions.

How did you become interested in nutrition as your field of study?

I became interested in nutrition and dietetics as an undergraduate student studying wellness management at SUNY Oswego. I was required to take a basic nutrition course and was fascinated by the relationship between diet and health. I subsequently sought out the campus Dietitian to learn about how I could enter a career in her field.

Why did you choose UB?

I chose UB for a couple of reasons. One, it is unique from many other dietetic internships, in that it offers a combined Master’s degree. Second, UB is a reputable school that is basically a one-stop-shop that trains almost every healthcare professional you can think of! I knew this would provide opportunities for interprofessional education, which is important for our field. I also understood that UB has many resources available to their students, such as their hospital and healthcare system affiliations.

Tell us more about your experience in dietetic internship program.

Highlights of my experiences thus far include my clinical nutrition supervised-practice in acute and long-term care, renal, transplant, and intensive care units at Erie County Medical Center. I also am currently completing my institutional and community food service rotations at a variety of other locations. Lastly, we’ve had other great volunteer opportunities in the community. One notable experience is our time working alongside medical students at their Lighthouse Free Clinic to provide nutrition counseling to patients.

What do you enjoy the most about the dietetic internship program?

I truly love the variety of hands-on experiences and settings we’ve been exposed to. This has helped me understand which areas of dietetics I am most interested in. Also, I highly value that I work with the diverse populations of the Buffalo area, caring for individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Lastly, I’ve had exceptional preceptors. Not only are they training me in nutrition and dietetics, they have been wonderful role models to me. 

How does receiving a degree from UB SPHHP set you apart?

I’m very proud to be a part of this University, as it is rated among the top 100 national universities by US News. I am finding that my experiences here have been both challenging and rewarding. Because of our outstanding program and professors, I believe I am gaining the creative and critical thinking skills necessary to become a great future dietitian!