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Elizabeth Gideon

Elizabeth Gideon.

From pre-med to professor aspirations. Learn how Elizabeth Gideon's experience opened her eyes to the fascinating world of exercise science research.

How did you become interested in exercise science as your field of study?

The field of exercise science sparked my interest when I was looking for a pre-med major that was something different than just your typical sciences. I wanted a degree that could set me apart from other applicants applying to PA (physician assistant) programs. I have also been very involved in sports throughout my whole life and thought it would be very interesting to learn more about the science of what is actually going on during exercise. 

Why did you choose UB?

I chose UB because of the very affordable price and because the exercise science program offered more opportunities than the others I was looking at. Also a major factor in my decision to choose UB was the fact that I would get to take a Gross Human Anatomy course as an undergraduate student, which is very rare.

Tell us more about your experience in the exercise science program

I completed an independent study with Department of Exercise and Nutrition Science Chair David Hostler. This proved to be my favorite "class" during my time here. I had the opportunity to work along side faculty and graduate students as they performed research on a variety of topics.  From that moment on I realized that my true professional calling was to be involved in research and sparked an interest in becoming a professor.

What do you enjoy the most about the exercise science program?

My favorite aspect of the exercise science program would have to be the faculty and my fellow peers. After taking the human gross anatomy course, my peers became my family. We had just spent seemingly every waking moment together for the past eight weeks studying and growing in our knowledge of the human body (if that doesn’t bring people together I don’t know what will.) Now as a junior, I have the most amazing friends who are there to support me. This program creates such a strong atmosphere for unity and growth within your class and I love that. Also, the faculty are so devoted to helping you through the major. They not only are very supportive with course work, but they are also very willing to give you opportunities to grow through research and many other tasks.

How does receiving a degree from UB SPHHP set you apart?

I think this program will help set me apart based on the unique courses offered here and the amount of research experience I was able to obtain during my time here. I think the built-in internship is also very helpful to set students up with connections and potential job opportunities for after graduation.