What do I need to do to obtain a no-cost extension (NCE) from the NIH?

A no-cost extension allows the PI to extend a project, using the funds remaining from the original grant, for a period of up to a year beyond the termination date in order to finalize project activity. Three months prior to the end of the award, you may see the word “Extension” in the ACTION field of eRA Commons. The NIH must be notified when the PI chooses to exercise the option of extending the award. Carryover of 25% or more of the original budget requires written justification. NOTE: The RAS office will work with you to create your NCE budget.

The no-cost extension form is on the Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) website.

  1. Before you submit the no cost extension request, you need to know how much effort you plan to commit to the extension. Per SPS, your effort during the no cost extension cannot be lower than 25% of your current effort. If it is, your no cost extension will require NIH approval. In our experience, this typically is not a problem.
  2. Once all expenditures have been posted to your account, the remaining balance will be available for view in PIAI. You can then project how much you plan to spend in supplies, travel, etc., during the no-cost extension period.
  3. When you are ready, enter in all of the requested no-cost extension information into the fields on the SPS website. Martina Tsai (or another Sponsored Projects Signing Officer) will review your uploaded information and will contact you should questions arise. The SPS Signing Officer is the only authorized person who can submit the no-cost extension request to the NIH.