2019: John Whyte, MD, PhD

The 9th Annual Glen E. Gresham Lecture, The Active Ingredients of Rehabilitation

John Whyte, MD, PhD.

Institute Scientist Emeritus, Moss Rehabiliation Research Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. John Whyte, MD, PhD is a physiatrist and experimental psychologist specializing in traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation. He is the founding director of the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute, begun in 1992.

Dr. Whyte's research focuses on cognitive impairment after TBI, including assessment and treatment, with a major emphasis on disorders of attention, executive function and consciousness. In addition to his empirical research, he has a longstanding interest in the special challenges posed by rehabilitation treatment trials, the difficulties in defining rehabilitation treatments, the role of theory in guiding rehabilitation research, and the process of translating scientific advances into practical rehabilitation treatment interventions. His research has been funded by the NIH, NIDILRR, PCORI, the Department of Defense, and a number of private foundations. He has received numerous awards for his research contributions including Distinguished Academician from the Association of Academic Physiatrists, and the Moody Prize for contributions to brain injury research and practice, and was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2015.